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Nurse Checking Girl


Our Mission is to provide quality, caring, patient-centered healthcare. We want our patients to feel they are being viewed by the doctors and staff, as unique, whole people, with individual needs. We will attempt to understand each person's needs by listening carefully then doing our utmost to meet them.
We will strive to provide efficient, courteous customer service to the best of our ability at all times. Being as accessible for same day appointments as possible will be the rule not the exception. We believe this "open access" system will not only allow our medical care to be delivered when it is most needed, but also when it is most convenient.
Our goal is to develop mutually fulfilling physician-patient relationships based on open communication and respect. Patients can trust that our doctors are giving medical opinions based on their best, most current knowledge and not biased by any insurance company influence. The doctors will attend continuing medical education courses regularly to be sure the information they impart is as up to date as possible.
It is our intention, to be sure each patient leaves our office feeling their concerns have been heard and questions answered. To achieve complete satisfaction for each patient is our ultimate goal.

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