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Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman


One of the greatest joys in life is to participate in the birth of a child. That is why it is our pleasure at Cornerstone Family Practice to offer low risk obstetrical care. There is nothing more comforting to an expectant mother than to know she can continue to receive her care from her own doctor and that the same doctor can then take care of her newborn child as well.

From the time of the positive pregnancy test through the unforgettable moment of delivery we will guide you step by step through your pregnancy. Our Doctors are available 24 hours a day to address your concerns or problems. We have access to the best perinatologists and neonatologists in the country and have on site surgical back-up at all times.

All of our obstetrical services are provided at The Medical 

Center of Aurora (TMCA) and the nursing staff is one of the best in the country with years of experience in patient care.

TMCA offers a full range of childbirth preparation classes, infant CPR and the very popular Daddy Bootcamp for our new fathers. Tours of the Labor and Delivery area also are available prior to your delivery. For more information and details visit the link below.

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